IMVU FBX Importer - UI / UX Design

The Problem

IMVU’s content comes from the users. A user skilled in 3D modeling can make and sell all kinds of things like clothing, furniture, environments and props, really anything they can dream of. The problem was that the process to get these things into the world of IMVU was very confusing, and unfriendly to anyone who wasn’t extremely knowledgeable of the ins and outs of 3D modeling. Even then it was a pain - assets (meshes, textures, UV maps, etc) had to all be set one by one. It isn’t rare to have a product with many of these files. This was the main problem we wanted to fix.

The Solution

A popular 3D Modeling file-format called FBX. An FBX file will hold all of the information needed to import a model into our software! We just needed an interface for it and a way for our system to parse all the information fed to it so it would appear properly in the IMVU client. For this project I had to find balance between using the legacy client’s dated design language and building something that felt intuitive and new. I also had to learn all about a lot of different 3D Modeling concepts.

After a bit of back and forth between engineers and I, I designed a user-friendly work flow that fit perfectly into the existing import function. All a user had to do was save their project as a .FBX, use the steps shown within our new handy importer, and they had a working product on the IMVU platform!

Assets imported via FBX file.

Assets imported via FBX file.

 User Testing

We had a group of known IMVU creators as well as our own artists and engineers on hand to test out each iteration of the FBX importer. We got feedback in the form of video and used that feedback to iterate over the workflow and designs. This cycle of Design, Develop, Test, lead to something our users were very happy with and continue to use daily.

The Result

We had solved the main problem we had set out to fix! Users could now import an entire product using only one file and a few settings. No more headache of going through each mesh, each texture, each material one by one. We opened up our creator platform to a lot more people and made it user-friendly for new and old users.