Splash screens made with After Effects

Splash screens made with After Effects

Doppel - Product Design

Doppel is a Facial Recognition app that lets you create animated emoji using your phone’s camera and microphone. Record a short video and turn it into a .gif or movie then share it in messaging or social media apps.

We started development on this as soon as we heard that the iPhone X would have the sensors needed for AR capabilities, before we knew (but had correctly assumed) that Apple itself would come out with something similar called ‘Animoji’.

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The stakeholders wanted a way to preview the look and feel with crisp visuals and animations. The best and quickest way to achieve this short of actually building the app was with a Prototype - Prototypes allow for quick iteration and are the best way to communicate a fully animated and usable design idea to other teams, stakeholders, and users for testing.

Flinto combined with After Effects allow for some pretty powerful high-fidelity prototyping. I made animated assets in After Effects and then imported them to Flinto to create a usable prototype. I also had some 3D art and illustrations made for the prototype by my team. After a few iterations I had something me and the team were happy with.

Usable Prototype made with Flinto and After Effects

Usable Prototype made with Flinto and After Effects


Marketing Material

I was also tasked with making a video used for marketing purposes. I used the beta Doppel app to lip-synch along to a song called Go! by Crash Faster and put that into After Effects to animate into a quick preview of the app.

Made with Doppel and After Effects